At the dentist doesn't have to hurt :-)

Conservative treatment


At the begining of the visit we show the patient tooth looss on the monitor. We use to this intraoral camera. In many cases we use sandblasting machine instead  traditional drill to remove dental caries.

DSCN1961Sandblasing – it is almost paitnless patching method in which does not use the drill. Recommended especially for pregnant women because it does not require anesthesia. In case small filling we use composite materials. In case bigger we propose so-colled inlay-e or onlay-e  made of porcelain. These are laboratory-made filling cavities in the individual teeth.


For greater precision and accuracy of the procedure to our practice was introduced KAPS microscope and dental loupe Heine. After treatment we back to camera view.



Sometimes, unfortunately, you have to treat the root canal tooth. Accurate diagnosis allows aimage3(1) picture taken with a digital radiography.



For greater sterility and safety of surgery we use cofferdam. It is thin latex rubber stretched over a frame around the mouth of the patient.


_DSC1599In the gum is an opening to allow the isolation of the treated tooth. After opening and widening canals we looking for their estuaries. At this stage it is helpful dental microscope or dental loupe Heine, which significantly increase the precision of the surgery. During the analysis of the canals using micro-engine a wireless co-operative with endometer. The combination of these two devices allows us to very accurately measure the depth of canal and enables continuous monitoring of the depth of root canal instruments in the course of his treatment. Significantly improves the accuracy and safety of the treatment.







R3(1) (1)After analysis canals using special tools NiTi (nickel-chromium) and micro-engine occurs widening , rinsing and filling canals. For more complex procedures before the filling we use modern systems Nanocare Agau – preparation contains highly bactericidal nanoparticles of gold and silver, which spontaneously penetrate even the most curved side canals and the delta of the root, which is beyond the range of simple canal tools.


Obtura III Max 007Tight filling system is achieved using liquid gutta-percha hot. We use the device Obtura brand guarantee the highest quality of work. After the treatment is performed radiovisiography control.