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We offer a full range of prosthetic services.

Stages of prosthetic work:

  1. Detailed interview – friendly conversation aimed at precise patient’s expectations.
  2. Panoramic photograph (x-ray of both jaws) – important to see in what state are bone and tooth roots.
  3. diagnostic impressions for situational models of the patient – a demonstration of occlusion and position of teeth
  4. Presentation of different prosthetic solutions, show examples of work.
  5. 5. Estimate.
  6. 6. scheduling appointments.


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Types offered of prosthetic works:

  1. Porcelain crowns and bridges on the foundation:· With nickel-free or precious metals (gold).· Zirconium, all-ceramic (high cosmetics)
  2. skeletal prostheses
  1. skeletal dentures – all metal parts made of base metal may be covered ratified pure gold (99.9%) in the ‘galvanoforming’ process . Through this process the patient is biocompatible tissue prosthetic work with their own, excluded allergy and irritation of mucous membranes. The use of pure gold meets all the most demanding standards for aesthetics and tolerance of the prosthesis by the body.

The perfection of the system allows for the construction of perfectly matching crowns, telescopic crowns, implants connectors, endodontic posts, braces dentures connectors and other structures.

  1. veneers, inlays – onlays
  2. Crown-root inlays
  • Steel
  • With gold
  • With zirconium
  • Fiberglass
  1. Prosthesis on magnets, gate valves, beams with latches
  2. Combined work – incorporating elements of different solutions.
  3. crowns, bridges, prostheses
  4. Overlay bite increasing relaxation, protection of children’s soft, protective multi-crown individual lock.
  5. Removable Prosthesis

Example :


The patient reported with the old bridge.

The roots were cured and the individual contributions cemented crown-root.

They were founded porcelain crowns