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Orthodontics is associated with aesthetics and beautiful smile. They are not the only reason why people decide treatment. Orthodontics also improves the functions of chewing and phonetics.

There are many indications to enter treatment , e.g. :

  • prognathism top
  • Mandibular Advancement
  • Crossbite, chinks
  • Crowding of teeth
  • overlapping teeth
  • facial symmetry disturbances

Causes :

  • too soft diet in early childhood which might be the cause of too narrow jaw and thus crowding of teeth
  • Untreated milk-teeth decay and their premature loss. For this reason permanent teeth do not grow on their place
  • Inheritance narrow jaws from his mother or wide jaws from fatherobrazek3
  • uknown reasons

Orthodontic treatment is long-term.

Braces can be distinguished according to defect and age of  the patient.


1. Removable

Recommended for children (7- 12 years old) during the exchange of milk-teeth to permament obrazek4teeth. Important aspect of the success here is consciousness of patient. Brace should be put on every night and for the few hours in the day. This kind of braces are not the perfect. It is possible that after setting the tetth they can come back to the earlier position, then you need  permanent braces. But it is not in every case.

2. Permanent for chldren and aduldt

  • non-ligature braces – consist of the arc and locks equipped with holding means arc- there are silding bolt, flap, rotating circle or latches. These braces do not have the burdensome rubber ligatures. Due to their construction, these braces are devoid of friction, ensuring high comfort.
  • aesthetic braces- ceramic, crystal, color-matched to the color of the patient’s teeth. Cons of this solution is the possibility of staining the rubber bands. This solution is not recommended for smokers.obrazek5
  • Metal braces – traditional braces. Locks are made from high quality alloy. They have a greater strength of aesthetic braces. They can be used in case larger defects in teeth.
  • thermoforming Clear Aligner

Choice depends on: malocclusion, financial capacity of the patient, and the expected effect andobrazek6 wearing time. To assess current conditions is needed patient’s  panoramic photo and plaster model.Each time, at the beginning of treatment, we will discuss in detail the situation of the patient, after which the patient receives treatment proposal. Next, we will also be a discussion of the overall treatment time, it is: the time