At the dentist doesn't have to hurt :-)

Children’s dentistry


The first adaptive visit

3We know from personal observation how first visit in the childhood affect to the more late attitude towards the treatment. The memories from first visit triggers strong, long-lasting fears and the stress before all contacts with the dental surgeon. Therefore at our clinic the first visit is reading of child with the study, is a cognition unity, devices, tools (invaluable at times like this blowguns, or examining own teeth on-screen) in the form fun. The same doctor will be meeting with the child during another visits.

milk-teeth – treat or not?

dziecieca_2jpgOf course yes. Untreated milk teeth with the deep tooth decay can deliver a lot of pain to children. Loss of milk teeth can also take place causing premature growing of permanent teeth and as a result of the occlusal abnormality. One should also pay attention to the need to treat milk teeth so that our kids for the youngest years pick real hygienic reactions up.

Treating milk teeth

Almost all defects in the milk teeth treat with a gel that softens the carious dentin and remove with special tools. This treatment is it entirely painless, very mild. Sometimes we use abrasive sandblasting machine that children are very fond of. In the prepared toothed assume fill in different colors – so that the children had more fun – the most popular is pink.

At the age of 6-7 years are already permanent molars. It is difficult for children clean them. This is where there is deepening rapidly decay. During this period, children should be antypróchniczej prevention.


dziecieca_3jpgConsists in covering the sealant (eg. Helioseal ACCOLADE) pits and fissures of molars and premolars, the accumulation of plaque where they create niches for bacterial biofilm – cariogenic process .Before The sealing surface of the tooth is prepared by using sandblasting machine to zwiąkszenia lacquer adhesion.Tightness sealing wax requires periodic inspection

Dental varnishing

We are painting with  preparations containing aminfluoride e.g. FLUOR-PROTECTOR directly to the surface of the tooth so that  becoming less susceptible  on decay.