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Cosmetic dentistry



porcelain crowns:

It is a “cap” coated porcelain and applied to the tooth after the previous preparation. There are many types and causes, for which crowns are put on. Frequently it is tooth after canal treatment (endodontic). A porcelain crown is a permanent prosthetic restoration replacing a part of the crown, which looks very similar to the natural tooth. It recovers not only natural and good appearance for teeth but also it takes the feeling of having your own healthy teeth.

Teeth bleaching:

obrazek1We practise individual teeth whitening. We use bleaching gel e.g. Opalescence Extra Boost.

Whitening, depending on the conditions on one or two visits to the dentist’s office or after exact instruction teeth bleaching at home (overlay method) by patient. Our proposed solution brings back natural smile.

composite reconstruction:

Sometimes is required quick correction of the shape of the tooth – one of the cheapest method is using the composite – only one visit. But this kind of treatment could be inconstant. This method is also not safe for gums. Freehand reconstruction is less aesthetic than laboratory products. After some time shown is the line of contact of the composite and the tooth.

Porcelain veneers:

Attaching veneers is one of the methods to improve the aesthetics of a smile. It is very easyobrazek2 andhardly invasive method which corrects shape and color of front teeth. It consist on apply thinporcelain petals on the front surfaces of the teeth sanded to give a nice effect “new teeth”.